Transition to Moorlands in Year 3
All children in year 2 at Templemoor are guaranteed a place at Moorlands, should you wish to take it up.
Children coming to Moorlands from Templemoor Infant School have several opportunities to visit the school, comprising:
  • watching the year 3 performance of the "May Queen"
  • watching a year 3 assembly
  • taking part in a taster A&E afternoon to give the opportunity for the children to meet our other children and our staff.
  • taking part in a moving up afternoon, giving children the chance to visit their new classrooms and meet their new teachers as well as experiencing a playtime with us.
  • invitations to join in Friends of Moorlands events such as the end of year BBQ.
  • taking part in joint sport afternoon with our year 3 children run by our staff.
Our staff also visit Templemoor as part of the transition process:

  • year 3 children, teachers and Miss Kelly visit to watch the year 2 nativity
  • Miss Kelly, year 3 teachers and several children visit Templemoor to discuss what life is like at Moorlands and answer any questions
  • our children visit Templemoor to run a sport afternoon alongside Mr Lake, our PE co-ordinator
In addition to this, there is a lot of behind the scenes work going on between the staff of both schools to make sure that vital information is passed on and received.
In the autumn term we hold open mornings for prospective year 2 parents and in the summer term year 2 parents are invited to Moorlands to meet their child's new teacher, Miss Kelly and Mrs Litten and to visit the school, ask any questions and see their child's new classroom.

Transition from Moorlands at the end of year 6


During year 6 children may participate in the Trafford Secondary Schools Selection Procedures. In addition some take examinations for independent schools, while others choose not to sit any of the above examinations. At the end of year 6 the children leave us to go to many different secondary schools. The separation from the group of children with whom they have been educated for many years (some since the nursery at Templemoor) can prove upsetting; as can the whole selection of a secondary school for both parents and children. We endeavour, at Moorlands, to support both children and parents through this time and encourage parents to attend any meetings called to inform them about selection procedures.


During the May of their final year at Moorlands all children take their Key Stage 2 SATs. These are formal national tests in Reading, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation and Maths. Both test results and teacher assessments are part of the records which are sent on to the new secondary schools in order to ensure continuity of the children’s education.


Each secondary school has their own procedures for transition. Therefore, arrangements vary from school to school.

Generally speaking, staff from new secondary schools visit Moorlands to speak to both the children and year 6 staff, ensuring that information is passed on.

Where secondary schools offer opportunities for our children to visit or take part in activities we endeavour to facilitate this. In the past, such opportunities have consisted of:

  • taking part in art sessions at Sale Grammar school
  • taking part in taster days and English workshops at Sale High School
  • being invited to watch school performances at Altrincham College
  • welcoming maths teachers from Sale High School into year 5 lessons
  • receiving support from maths teachers from Sale Grammar for children working at greater depth in year 6.