Awareness Days

World Mental Health Awareness Day

World Mental Health Day was on October 10, 2021. At Moorlands, we marked this event on Friday 8th October. The whole school watched the movie  "Inside Out'', which is an animated adventure about the five dominant emotions inside an 11 year-old girl's head, as she struggles to come to terms with moving home.

Teachers then chose an activity suitable for their year group and discussed mental health throughout the day, with a particular focus on the 5 dominant emotions mentioned in the film.

The aim was to ensure all of our children were aware of the importance of mental health and that they are prepared to overcome any of their emotions.

There were a range of activities going on throughout the day, Year 6 enjoyed creating their own emotion emoji's in the outdoor learning area, whilst Year 5 looked carefully at the ‘Zones of Regulation’ and went on to produce their own emotion poetry. In Year 4, freeze frames were created to represent emotions and Year 3 looked at how emotions change and develop as they get older.