PE and School Sports

PE and School Sport 
We prioritize the importance of physical education (PE) in promoting well-being and healthy lifestyles for our pupils. Our PE curriculum is designed to improve fitness, coordination, teamwork, and sportsmanship through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.
Our pupils receive two hours of PE per week, with one hour taking place indoors and the other hour outdoors (weather permitting). Our indoor activities include dance, gymnastics, and indoor games, while our outdoor activities include athletics, team games, and outdoor adventurous activities.
In addition to our regular PE lessons, we are proud to offer a range of sports teams for our pupils to participate in. Our teams include football, running, and swimming, and they compete against other schools in local and regional competitions. We believe that participation in sports teams helps our pupils to develop important skills such as teamwork, leadership, and perseverance while promoting healthy competition and sportsmanship.
Our football team trains regularly and plays matches against other schools in the local area. We have had many successful seasons, and our pupils are enthusiastic and committed to the sport. Our running team participates in cross-country events and track races. We encourage our pupils to challenge themselves and set personal goals, and we are proud of the progress they have made over the years.
Our swimming team trains at the local swimming pool and participates in galas and competitions throughout the year. Swimming is an essential life skill, and we are thrilled to offer our pupils the opportunity to participate in competitive swimming events. In addition, our year 5 pupils receive weekly swimming lessons to ensure that they have the skills and confidence to swim safely and effectively.
At Moorlands Junior School, we are committed to promoting a love of physical activity and well-being in all our pupils. We hope that our sports teams inspire our pupils to pursue their interests and develop lifelong healthy habits.
What do we offer throughout the year?
  • Football club for year 3/4 and 5/6 
  • Netball club for year 5/6
  • Multi-Sports Club with Sale Sports Club
  • Multi-Sports Club with City In The Community 
  • Tag Rugby Club with Sale Rugby Club 
  • Gymnastics Club 
  • Judo Club
  • Fencing Club 
  • MJS Rock Climbing Team 
  • Rounders Team
  • Cricket Club
What opportunities do children have to represent the school?
  •  Multiple football fixtures/competitions
  • Cross county events
  • Tag Rugby Competitions 
  • Rounders competitions
  • Orienteering competition
  • Netball tournaments 
  • Rock Climbing competition
  • Inclusion festivals 
Playground Leaders
Eleven year 6 children have been chosen to be playground leaders this year, their role involves them having an active part in getting younger children involved with physical exercise.  Every lunchtime they run activities for children to participate in, keeping it fun and enjoyable. 

Don't forget to look out for the Sports Corner of the newsletter, where you will find recent results, upcoming fixtures and any other information about PE and School Sport. 
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