Welcome to Class WN!


Here are a few useful pieces of information:

 Your Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Your teachers are Mrs. Norbury and Mrs. Wood.  Mrs. Norbury will be teaching you on Monday, Tuesday,  Mrs. Wood will be teaching you on a Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday Mrs Twine will be in WN with Miss Harrison. Your teaching assistants will be Miss Harrison and Mrs. McKenzie. Miss Harrison works on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Mrs. McKenzie with be working in our class on a Monday.



You will be given your homework every Monday.  Each week you will be asked to do 3 pieces of homework:

  1. Maths
  2. English
  3. Book talk

Try to hand in all of your homework before Friday.  If you are busy then please do your homework when you have time.  .


Reading at Home

We would also like you to read at home every day.  Even just two pages would help you!



Our outdoor P.E lesson will be on a Monday and indoor P.E on a Thursday.  Please keep your P.E kit in school all half term, especially your trainers as we will be going out most days to do our ‘Moorlands Mile’ run around the school.  


Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a really useful App that allows teachers and parents to message each other.  If you would like to join our Class Dojo, you can either download the App or logon to a computer and enter the details that we have put in your child’s home/school book.



If you have any questions or queries our door is always open.  We realise this is more difficult for parents of children who are on school transport, but if you want to ask a question about anything then please either write a note in the home/school book ; contact us via the office or on Class Dojo.  We are both parents ourselves and would much rather have a quick chat with you, than you sit at home worrying or unsure about something. 


We are both very excited about all the things that we have planned for WN this year. 

 Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Norbury