Our School Vision and Values

Our School Vision

To be an outstanding school where:

  • pupils parents, governors and staff are partners in ensuring all pupils are supported to reach their full academic potential
  • due to the wide range of enrichment experiences that every child leaves Moorlands
    • Confident to speak out in front of a large audience
    • knowing they have found something whether that be academic, musical, physical or creative that they love to do and excel in.


Our School Values
At Moorlands we have worked hard to establish a set of values that embody life at Moorlands.
Our values are:
Be inspired to learn achieve and grow
Support and care
Respect and value
Make the most of every opportunity
These values run through everything we do, from our day to day interactions, our behaviour policy and our home school agreements. We expect all members of our school community (children, staff and parents) to adopt these values.