Science Week


For the academic year 207-18 we made the decision to remove science from the weekly timetable and to concentrate the time into Science Weeks which would take place a different points through the year.
During these weeks children have the opportunity to develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding of the different strands of science. Through scientific enquiry they explore the world around them and develop a deeper understanding of how the science is applied in the real world.

Children learn to work scientifically: setting up experiments, making observations and drawing conclusions.

At the end of the week we invited all our parents in to see what we had been up to and to chat to their children.
So our inaugural Science week took place in November 2017 and saw our children engrossed in Year group appropriate Science topics which spanned a full week of the term.
Y3 focused on forces magnets and lights; they investigated which materials were magnetic and compared how things moved on different surfaces using toy cars. After this they found out about magnetic attraction and repulsion using a strong pair of magnets. They also investigated light, examining how shadows are formed using torches to help, They looked at light sources, opaque, transparent and translucent materials and the shadows they form. Furthermore, they learnt about how light travels in straight lines and what causes refraction.
Y4 learnt about sound and electricity; they looked at how sounds are made;  created their own musical instruments from household objects; investigated the movement of sound waves; found the best sound proofing material and made 'shaky hand' games using electrical circuits and buzzers. They also studied the work of Alexander Graham Bell and Nikola Tessla.
Y5 learnt all about space and even undertook astronaut training to apply for a job at NASA. They also learnt about the forces of air resistance, gravity, water resistance and how pulleys and levers worked which they put to good use designing and making their own robotic arms.
Y6 investigated light and electricity and concentrated on the link between light, angles and the eye, and how the eye interprets objects. They all made their own periscopes and a quiz style buzzer game using their knowledge of series and parallel circuits.
WN, our small Specialist Class, learnt all about light, shadows and reflections. They  investigated the translucency of different materials using torches then created their own shadow puppet shows that they performed for their friends in class before ending the week designing and making bags using reflective and non reflective materials.
This newsletters below will hopefully give you a flavour of some of the wonderful activities the children took part in during our Science Weeks and the amazing work they produced.