Humanities Week

For the academic year 2017-18 we made the decision to remove humanities from the weekly timetable and to concentrate the time into three Humanities Weeks which would take place a different points through the year.
The thinking behind this was that this would give the opportunity for the children to not only become lost in a time period, a little bit like you can get lost in a good book, but also to provide opportunities for hands on activities than can be continued over a short space of time.
During the week the children would also be provided with  more opportunity to gain a depth of study in a humanities topic. 
So our inaugural Humanities week took place in October 2017 and saw our children engrossed in History and Geography topics which spanned a full week of the term.
Through the year two further weeks took place and over this time our children covered the whole of the History and Geography curriculums for their year group. The power of the weeks has been seen in the quality and quantity of work that the children produced and in their and their parents' reactions to the weeks. The children now see them as the highlight of the term.
On the last day, at the end of each of the weeks, parents and families are invited in for the last hour of the day to share with their children the learning that has taken place.
One parent summed up how much their child had become engrossed in the subject as he left one of these sessions by saying that he now felt that he personally could take part in Mastermind with a chosen subject of the Ancient Egyptians as his child had gone home every day excited by the learning and wanting to share every detail with the family.
The newsletters below will hopefully give you a flavour of some of the wonderful activities they took part in and the amazing work they produced throughout the last year and this current one.