The Future at Moorlands

We are on a constant journey of school improvement here at Moorlands.
This page will outline that journey and what we are doing as a school.
 The journey so far
September 2017- January 2018:
  • All teaching staff have attended a full day guided reading course tailored for their year group
  • All teaching staff have attended an 'Bringing Literacy to Life' course for their year group
  • All subject leaders attended the termly Trafford Teaching Schools Alliance (TTSA) Subject Leaders Networks for their individual subject area
  • All teachers have attended the  termly TTSA moderation workshops with other schools across Trafford for their year group
  • Accelerated Reader was introduced to provide the children with more opportunities to test their understanding of books they have read
  • In September 2017 to create an additional 2 maths and 1 English lesson per week we removed Humanities and Science from the weekly timetable (see Humanities Week and Science Week tabs.) This provided opportunities to deepen the study of humanities and science and allowed for a dedicated handwriting lesson and reasoning and fluency lessons, in maths, to be timetabled each week
  • We introduced pre-learning tasks for all maths strands to provide quality assessment for learning and to allow staff to provide pre-intervention for those children who need it prior to the teaching of a new unit
  • We also introduced more rigorous post-learning tasks to check children's understanding and to inform future planning
  • Times Tables Rock Stars was introduced to all children to improve the accuracy and speed of their times tables knowledge and accuracy
  • We employed a Maths consultant, Ms Rebecca Holland, to work with the staff and SLT carrying out lesson observations, work scrutiny and talking to pupils, to unpick the areas for development and barriers to learning in our maths curriculum
  • We purchased lots of CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) resources for children to use in maths
  • All staff attended 3 days of maths training including areas such as mastery, fluency, reasoning, bar modelling and the use of CPA resources
  • We created a core team to oversee the development of English and maths across the school
  • Our School Improvement Adviser, Mr Ian Coulson, carried out joint lesson observations and subject leader interviews
  • Two members of staff completed and one commenced the NPQML (National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders) course
  • One member of staff completed the NPQSL (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders) course
  • Two members of staff are studying for the NASENCo (National Award for SENCos)
  • Moorlands is part of a research group, of 13 Trafford school, funded by the EEF looking into Improving outcomes for KS2 pupils through a collaborative model of peer review and school improvement 
  • Our Trafford LA ASIA (Associate School Improvement Adviser) visits each year to discuss the school's data and School Improvement Plans


February 2018 (our website launch) onwards:

  •  07/02/18 5L were visited and taught by Mr Gallagher, teacher of Maths and KS3 coordinator at Sale High School, who is working with other secondary and primary maths specialists across Manchester looking at how the KS2 and KS3 curriculums can be better aligned
  • 08/02/18 Sale Grammar has developed links with school via their Head of Maths, to support the teaching of maths for children working at greater depth in Y6 with a view to extending this to other year groups
  • 19/02/18 Staff Training Day - Redefining a Whole School Approach to Calculating - led by Rebecca Holland
  • 20/02/18 Full Board of Governors received Safeguarding Training
  • 21/02/18 Manchester City Council visited school to talk to representatives from the Eco Council about the upcoming Rain Gardens (SUDS) project
  • 21/02/18 All children took part in a Canals and Water Safety Assembly
  • 27/02/18 Mrs Litten attended the first day of her NPQH training
  • 28/02/18 joint meeting of subject leaders from  Moorlands and Templemoor to share good practice and develop links across the two schools
  • 02/03/18 Miss Kelly was selected to form as a member a Stakeholder Input Group for Maze Education to help to shape future systems and reports around end of KS2 data
  • 05/03/18 Y6 Sports Leaders visited Templemoor to talk to Y2 about sporting opportunities at Moorlands as part of their transition programme
  • 06/03/18 External School Improvement Partner completed a full day visit to discuss School Improvement matters with Miss Kelly