Humanities Week

For the academic year 2017-18 we made the decision to remove humanities from the weekly timetable and to concentrate the time into three Humanities Weeks which would take place a different points through the year.
The thinking behind this was that this would give the opportunity for them to become lost in a time a period, a little bit like you can get lost in a good book, but also to provide opportunities for hands on activities than can be continued over a short space of time. The children would also be provided with  more opportunity to gain a depth of study in humanities topics. At the end of the week we invited all our parents in to see what we had been up to and to chat to their children.
So our inaugural Humanities week took place in October 2017 and saw our children engrossed in History and Geography topics which spanned a full week of the term.
Y3 investigated all about the Romans and learnt how to march as an army and how useful battle formations such as the turtle were.
Y4 were visited by two 'real life' Anglo-Saxons Ulf and Dud who showed them what life was like and why settlements grew.
Y5 were transported back to Viking times and learnt how to build their own longboats, which they tested sailing across the seas in their classrooms.
Y6 learnt all about the chronology of World War II and built their own well camouflaged Anderson Shelters.
WN, our small Specialist Class, learnt how to dress as a Roman and how important each part of the uniform was, they also learnt about the food they ate and then baked their own Roman bread using spelt flour. It was delicious with honey.
This page will hopefully give you a flavour of some of the wonderful activities they took part in and the amazing work they produced.